Clear Acrylic Prismatic Light Lenses- Item # 4720
Item #4720   We have the best prismatic light lens replacement lenses in clear acrylic. You won’t find these in your local home center store. [...]
Fluorescent Dimming Sleeves- Item # 4117
Item # 4117   These light stabilized unbreakable clear poly-carbonate U. V. filtering sleeves are designed to provide protection in case of [...]
Vapor Tite Lens- Item # 4115
Item # 4115   The Vapor Tite fixture is intended for specific applications that are wet or controlled such as food/beverage processing, [...]
Polystyrene or Acrylic Egg Crates- Item # 4722
Item # 4722  Will fit perfectly in a standard ceiling grid system for HVAC air returns and venting and can be used as a light lens or louver. Custom sizes [...]
Wrap Arounds- Item # 4112
Item # 4112 Flat ‘V” Shaped Wrap Arounds 2 piece minimum Click here to purchase Item # 4112.  Share on Facebook
White Plastic Air Diffuser- Item # 4945W
Item # 4945W   This 24″ x 24″ plastic ceiling air diffuser  is made with collars from 6″ to 16″ (backplate included). Ideal [...]
Ceiling Leak Diverters- Item #s 4931 & 4932
Item #s 4931 & 4932   When ceiling leaks occur, a lot of costly damage can accrue before the plumbers or roofers arrive to find and stop the leak. [...]
Polycarbonate Prismatic Light Lenses- Item # 4728-2×4
Item # 4728-2×4   Lexan 903173U is a Lexan polycarbonate sheet with K12 prismatic texture on one side and a proprietary UV-resistant surface [...]
Ceiling Dust Deflectors- Item #s 4871 & 4872
Item #s 4871 & 4872 Ceiling dust deflector for 24″ x 24″ traditional ceiling air diffusers. Easy to assemble. Stop dust from accumulating [...]
Clear Linear Air Diverter- Item #s 4874-24 & 4874-48
Item #s 4874-24 & 4874-48   This 2′ or 4′ long clear diverter works by pushing the air away in a 45 degree angle. If you are sitting [...]
Corner Air Diverter- Item # 4873-Tri
Item # 4873-Tri Corner Air Diverter-White for 2’x2′ traditional style ceiling air diffusers. Divert cold or hot air from HVAC air conditioning [...]
Air Diverter- Item # 4873
Item # 4873 Air Diverter-White 24″x12″ for traditional style ceiling air diffusers. Divert cold or hot air from HVAC air conditioning units [...]
Air Diverter | Air Deflector | Draft Deflector
New! 4 Port Air Diverter Air Diverter | Air Deflector | Draft Deflector. Share on Facebook
Ceiling Tile Fan offers alternative to downrod hanging fans.,
Ceiling Tile Fan offers alternative to downrod hanging fans., Share on Facebook
Filtered Air System Item # 4877,
Press release on Filtered Air System Item # 4877, Share on Facebook
4-Sided Air Diverter- Item # 4876-4s
Item # 4876-4s   Redirect the air from your air diffusers to blow perpendicular to the ceiling. 4 ports for even air distribution. Includes 4 pieces [...]
Filtered Air System- Item # 4877
Item # 4877   Price includes Filtered Air System face piece, 8 filters (1 extra set) and “U” channel attachment strips For decades [...]
Wide White Linear Air Diverter- Item # 4875-48×3.75
Item # 4875-48×3.75   White Linear Air Diverters are available to fit 2′ sections of linear air diffusers with air vents of 1 slot, 2 slot, [...]
Poly Pro Tape for Dual Tac Dispenser- Item # 4806
Item # 4806   Looking for 3M Dual Tac Tape? Look no further, we have a replacement roll for the 3M Dual Tac Dispenser. Our red/orange tape will work [...]
Parabolic Lens Retro Fit- Item # 4711
Item # 4711 The parabolic light fluorescent light covers make it easy to convert any boring existing lighting fixture into a clean, sharp looking parabolic [...]