Stratus Universal Reducer – YouTube
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How to trace and request pricing on a custom wraparound.
1) CLICK to visit our website and view our stock wraparounds before requesting a custom wraparound. 2) CLICK to watch our YouTube Video on how to measure [...]
How to measure and order a custom wrap around
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How To Install the Filtered Air System
Item # 4877 Filter your air one last time. Installs easily over existing 2’x2′ ceiling air diffuser/vent. Clips on to the ceiling grid system. [...]
How To Install Fluorescent Dimming Sleeves
Item #4117 These light stabilized unbreakable clear poly carbonate U. V. filtering sleeves are designed to provide protection in case of fluorescent lamp [...]
How To Install the Ceiling Tile Fan
Item # 4735 We offer solutions for ceilings, lighting and HVAC needs. At you’ll find a wide array of innovative products for ceiling [...]
How To Install the Wall Leak Diverter
Item # 4933 Capture and divert water running down your walls from leaking roofs or overhead pipes. Made from .080 gauge white acrylic sheets. 2′ or [...]
How To Install the Breathe Easy Air Filtering System
Item #s 4103 & 4104 With the Anti-microbial Filter, pollens, dust mites, germs, volatile organic compounds, dirt, insects and microorganisms that flow [...]
How To Use Lexan Polycarbonate Unbreakable Lenses
Item #s 4728 Lexan 903173U is a Lexan polycarbonate sheet with K12 prismatic texture on one side and a proprietary UV-resistant surface treatment on the [...]
How To Install the Four Sided Air Diverter
Item # 4876-4s Four-way airflow. Reduces cold and hot spots while creating a more uniform ambient temperature throughout the room. ● Hangs only 2.75″ [...]
How To Install a Linear Air Diverter (Clear)
Item #s 4874-24 & 4874-48 The Clear Linear Air Diverter will help deflect unwanted, constant blowing air from strip-line/long vents. Easy to install. [...]
How To Install a Linear Air Diverter (White)
Item #4875 White Linear Air Diverters are available to fit 2′ and 4′ sections of linear air diffusers. Stop unwanted hard blowing air from [...]
▶ Filtered Air System Item # 4877 – YouTube
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How To Install a Ceiling Dust Deflector
ITEM # 4872. Stop carbon soot from building up on the ceiling tiles surrounding the HVAC vent covers. Great for supermarkets, restaurants, department [...]
How to Install a Replacement Light Lens Retro Fit Kit
Item # 4710 MISSING OR BROKEN LIGHT FRAMES AND LIGHTING DOORS? Install our Retro Fit Light Frame Replacements. Fluorescent light covers and light frames [...]
How To Install a Parabolic Retro Fit Kit
Parabolic Retro Fit. Convert any boring existing lighting fixture into a clean, sharp looking parabolic light without changing out the lighting fixture. No [...]
How To Install An Air Diverter
Install the AIr Diverter. Stop Freezing
How To Use Poly Pro Tape With Dual Tac Dispenser
Use Poly Pro Reverse Wound Tape in conjunction with 3M Dual Tac Tape Dispenser and 1" masking tape.
How To Restore Rusty Grid with Ceiling Armor
CEILING ARMOR GRID COVER will update rusty and discolored ceiling grid systems for a fraction of the cost of replacement. This unique cover snaps on to a [...]
How To Install a Ceiling Leak Diverter
Divert water from leaking roofs and dripping pipes. Available in 2'x2' and 2'x4' panels. Package includes 25' of hose and mounting clips.